Biz Blog Exclusive! Interview with Casey the Mascot

W8ftd72mThe Nebraska Cornhuskers — traditionally one of the best college football teams in the country — have fallen on hard times. The perennial powerhouse has lost its last two games by a combined score of 86-20, and last week’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Oklahoma State resulted in the firing of Athletic Director Steve Pederson.

The university has since hired coaching legend Tom Osborne as interim Athletic Director, but that’s a short-term move. The search is now on for a brave leader who can take the reins of the Cornhuskers’ athletic program and restore it to its past glory.

This search shouldn’t last long, as yesterday a very strong candidate for the position threw his crown into the ring: Casey, the Omaha Royals mascot. The beloved blue lion is ready for the challenge, and seems more than capable of righting the Cornhuskers’ sinking ship.

Casey, being unable to speak, cordially submitted to an email interview with this fine blog. Enjoy.

What spurred you to seek the position of University of Nebraska Athletic Director? How did your current role as the O-Royals’ mascot prepare you for this unprecedented challenge?

Husker Nation needs a proven leader and a Nebraska native. I have been in this community since I was born and have led many Royals teams on to victory. Being the Omaha Royals mascot has helped me prepare to become the AD at Nebraska through my entertainment and natural-born leadership skills.

In 2007, the Omaha Royals held their first annual Mascot Olympics. You know who was the captain of the winning team? It was me. I’m a born winner and look forward to restoring the winning tradition in Lincoln. I have been a part of the best in family fun in entertainment since 1969 and will use my skills and experiences in providing safe and quality entertainment to UNL.

If you get this job, would you still continue to serve as the Royals’ mascot? And would you makeChitieun_2
sure to get [fellow O-Royals mascot] Spike a position at the University, or would you leave him behind?

Spike is part of my family and I would ask Spike to join me as the Assistant Director of Athletics.

His responsibilities will revolve around the in-game entertainment during all Husker events. We would still be involved with the Omaha Royals and create a one-of-a-kind partnership between the Royals and the University.

If the University does indeed to decide to hire a mascot, wouldn’t they be more like to choose [current mascot] Herbie Husker?

Herbie was on the losing team (fitting) during the Mascot Olympics held here at historic Rosenblatt Stadium. He may well be a qualified candidate but I believe the winning tradition I have created here in Omaha can be transferred to Lincoln. Remember, I have brought four Pacific Coast League titles here to Omaha.

Do you consider yourself a pioneer among mascots, in the way you are bravely attempting to forge a new career path? Is America ready for a world in which mascots hold jobs outside the confines of the stadium?

You make a very good point. You can use the word pioneer, but you could also use leader, hero, or idol. Personally, I like hero the best. For all the mascots who are just getting into the game I say set your sights high — Be more than just a mascot, be a hero! Be Casey!
Stirring words indeed, folks. Stirring words indeed. For those wishing to speak with Casey directly, he can be reached at:

For more information about Casey and his historic quest (including video highlights of yesterday’s press conference in which he announced his intentions), visit


thank you Casey. i am now certainly proud to be an American.

Yo Casey: I’d reconsider if I were you. Cornhusker athletics is very serious business, and I fear you wouldn’t have much fun. Isn’t fun what life is all about?

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