Apparitions of the Deceased vs. Disturbed Atmospheric States

275x235_ghostsApologies for the lack of posts over the past several days. The reason for this inactivity is that I have been forced against my will to write actual articles for  That is an outrage. My overseers should know that this fine blog is priority number one.

Regardless, some of these aforementioned articles have been somewhat interesting. First, there was the story of former utility man (and current Minor League manager) Randy Ready and his uncanny dog-recovery abilities.  Then, there was this piece on the team formerly known as the Casper Rockies changing their name to the Ghosts.

It is this latter story that I would like to talk about now. There are many interesting points to make regarding the Ghosts’ new identity (seriously, I love this kind of stuff), but what I would like to focus on is this:

With their new glow-in-the dark logo caps, the Ghosts are confident they can overtake the LakeP0047038
Elsinore Storm (well known for their menacing "eye" logo) and become the best-selling logo in all of Minor League Baseball. After the Ghosts’ plans of logo domination became clear, the Storm issued a quick rebuttal:

"We’ve got nothing to worry about and are confident we will remain the
number one logo in Minor League Baseball." Lake Elsinore Storm
President Dave Oster responded on Wednesday. "Storm Nation is now
worldwide and unbeatable. They’ve got no shot at reaching our level for
the simple fact that the last time I checked …….aren’t ghosts

Oooooh….them’s fighting words.

So, read the article. Check out the web sites for both teams. And form your own opinion: Do the Ghosts have what it takes to rise to the top of the heap? Or will the Storm’s long-running dominance of the Minor League merchandise standings continue unabated?

Feel free to provide your thoughts on this important matter in the comments section (It’s been a little dead in there recently, which hurts my feelings. I am a very sensitive soul).


I support this bold move by Casper and would love to see the promotions department organize an attempt to break the coveted world’s largest seance record.

So, I clicked on the “Shop Now” link on the Casper Ghosts’ website, which directed me to the MiLB shop page, where no Casper Ghosts merchandise is available. What’s the deal, Hill?

I don’t think Ghosts’ merchandise is quite ready for mass consumption yet. A reliable source informs me that the hats will be available starting Dec. 1.

Perhaps the team can provide further assistance. From the website:

“To be the first to own Casper Ghosts merchandise contact the Casper Ghosts at 307-232-1111”

I would like a hat for Christmas.

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