From the Bronx to Toledo

A_rod_plaqueIn an interview last week, Hank Steinbrenner made the following quote about the uncertain status of Alex Rodriguez:

"Does he want to go into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee," Steinbrenner said, "or a Toledo Mud Hen?"

A-Rod definitely didn’t want to go into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee, it turns out, as he  has made the decision to opt out of his contract with the club. But maybe the Toledo Mud Hens would be the ideal destination for him after all. Jason Griffin, Toledo’s Public Relations Director, certainly thinks so.

Griffin fired off a letter to super-agent Scott Boras, with the intent of luring A-Rod to Toledo. The letter reads:

"Dear Mr. Boras,

We would be honored if your client, Alex Rodriguez, would enter the Hall of Fame wearing a Toledo Mud Hens cap.

Although Rodriguez has played a Minor League game since 1996 with Tacoma, we would be delighted if he would represent the World Famous Toledo Mud Hens at Cooperstown.

However, in order for Mr. Rodriguez to enter the Hall of Fame as a Mud Hen, he would, of course, have to play for us. We would like to offer your client an incentive-based contract of $35 million dollars per season. IF he is able to achieve the following:

Hit 75 home runs a season (10 straight seasons)
Drive in at least 1500 runs (10 years combined)
Hit at least .350 each season (10 straight seasons)
Help the Hens win 10 straight Governors’ Cup Titles

Now, keep in mind that Mike Hessman is our everyday 3B and is the reigning International League MVP. We think it would be a healthy competition at Spring Training between the two of them. Would your client be willing to play a different position?

We have included two Mud Hen hats for you and Mr. Rodriguez and look forward to seeing you wear them proudly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jason D. Griffin
Director, Public Relations/Broadcaster
Toledo Mud Hens Baseball, Inc.

This is a story worth keeping an eye on, as A-Rod and Toledo could turn out to be a perfectFarr_jamie_66706273_150x200_1

fit. The competition with Hessman could lead to breakout seasons for both individuals, and A-Rod wouldn’t be hounded by voracious and unscrupulous media members at every waking moment.

And, long-time fan of M*A*S*H that he is, A-Rod could finally get to play in front of his hero (and Toledo icon) Jamie Farr on a regular basis. Isn’t that more important than the money?


I support this bold move by Casper and would love to see the promotions department organize an attempt to break the coveted world’s largest seance record.

I think even Alex the Great will have trouble getting these numbers. One injury and he’s done, too many walks, and one player can’t win a championship. Is this a joke?

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