New Logos Keep Comin'

2008_logosWhen the entity formerly known as the Casper Rockies unveiled their new name and logo on Halloween, it was an occurrence of such grave import that the day’s other big news story got swept under the proverbial rug. Let me now correct this nearly unforgivable oversight.

For on Halloween, the Huntsville Stars revealed their new logo as well — one that features a flaming space rocket hurtling toward the stratosphere, undoubtedly on its way to explore the infinite nooks and crannies of the universe. From the team’s press release:

"We very much wanted to keep the space theme evident, but give the new logo more character," said Stars General Manager Tom Van Schaak. "The new logo gives us much more room to be creative in marketing the team to baseball fans locally and around the world."

You see, the Stars old logo (look to your right) also had a space theme, but it was a bit less flashy inHunt_5800
its execution. Perhaps one could say the re-vamped logo is representative of a bold new age in space travel, in which the initiative of private enterprise takes precedence over the lumbering machinations of the federal government. Or, perhaps not, as the reason the franchise is named the "Stars" in the first place is because Huntsville is located near the NASA-operated Marshall Space Flight Center.

But to return to more important matters — the 2008 Stars will take the field wearing jerseys featuring the new logo (an alternate red jersey will also be donned on occasion), and the club’s caps will be modified versions of the traditional Huntsville "H".

Those looking to get a head start on holiday shopping for the logo-fixated loved ones in their life can head on over to the Stars’ team store, where merchandise with the new logo is available for purchase.

And, believe it or not, more logo-related info will soon be on its way to you, the reader. Check back with this fine blog tomorrow for a riveting story involving the Minor Leagues’ other aerospace-influenced franchise. It’s quite a scoop.

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That “H” with the star going through it kind of reminds me of the old Astros caps, but better… don’t really care for the other logos though…

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