Let's Talk About Life

About_main_imageIn addition to being a gift, cereal, magazine and board game, Life is also the name of a new dramatic television series on the NBC network. And, as mentioned in a post on this fine blog last week, this fledgling program saw fit to include the hats of five California League teams in its most recent episode.

In the episode — entitled "Farthingale" — detectives Charlie Crews and Dani Reese attempt to solve a murder. The victim is the titular Farthingale, who was a secret bigamist and an obsessive IRS desk employee. Attempts to further describe the somewhat convoluted plot will only confuse, so let’s cut to the chase and talk about the Minor League connection.

As it turns out, hats of the Bakersfield Blaze, Lancaster JetHawks, Modesto Nuts, Stockton Ports,California_league_logo_1_1
and Visalia Oaks emerge as clues in the murder investigation. The detectives find the hats at one of Farthingale’ s residences, and are later able to link them to five corresponding bottles of wine (see, I told you that this plot was confusing).

The entire episode is available to be viewed here. The appearance of the Minor League caps is admittedly rather brief — those looking to cut straight to the chase should skip to 27:52 in the episode (they appear again in the next scene, starting at 28:16).

This morning, I spoke with Modesto Nuts GM Mike Gorassi for a story I am working on about product placement in the Minor Leagues. He mentioned that traffic to the Nuts’ website spiked after the episode aired. It will be interesting to see if the Nuts (or any of the clubs involved) experience an increase in merchandise sales as a result of their brief moment in the network TV spotlight.

I’ll close with an inconsequential, yet interesting, tidbit. As regular readers of this blog are aware,Lancaster_jethawks_primary_logo_2_2
the JetHawks recently unveiled their new logo. According to JetHawks General Manager Brad Seymour, the JetHawks hat featured on Life was the very first one ever produced with this new logo. Therefore, it is a collector’s item of the highest order, and I would love it if some noble nerd reads this blog and then goes on a quest to locate this special piece of headwear.


who ever heard of placing retail products in tv shows for the purpose of advertising! what will those disgusting california phonies think of next?

I have mixed emotions about the word “titular,” but this is all quite interesting nonetheless.

-The Baseball Collector

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