And The Winner Is…

Westmichiganwhitecaps_1As regular readers of this fine blog are well aware, I have spent an inordinate amount of time over the past month covering the Larry MacPhail Promotional Trophy. I have run interviews with representatives of each of the 11 teams nominated for the award, and in the introduction to each of these interviews I made it clear that the overall winner would be announced at the Winter Meetings Awards Luncheon on December 3.

Well, I lied. The trophy will merely be presented at the Awards Luncheon. The winner, in fact, has already been announced: The Midwest League’s West Michigan Whitecaps.

Yesterday, I wrote a "proper" article on the Whitecaps’ MacPhail Award victory (which was announced by Minor League Baseball on Monday). It can be found here. As is fast becoming my policy, I would rather not rehash one of my articles on this fine blog. Instead, I prefer to add a few additional observations.

— I love the Whitecaps’ policy of staging "Big Top Tuesdays", in which circus-type acts are broughtContortionbox
to the ballpark. Whitecaps Promotions Coordinator Brian Oropallo mentioned to me that Quick Change was a huge hit at the ballpark last season, and that Rubberboy puts on a truly amazing show. This year, he is looking forward to seeing the Human Slinky perform, and Mad Chad the Chainsaw Juggler is on the promotional calendar as well.

— The MacPhail Trophy was first presented in 1966, and since then only two other Midwest League teams have won the award. Cedar Rapids was named a co-winner in 1976, and Kane County emerged victorious in 1995.

— I mentioned this in one of yesterday’s posts, but the Whitecaps’ 2008 promotional schedule is highlighted by the Dave Rozema Bobble-leg Giveaway on July 9. Make plans to attend that game now, or get gouged on eBay later.


The human slinky? …. i’m listening!

now that we know the winner of the McPhail trophy, what do Ben’s Biz fans have to look forward to?

Ben, you should hire yourself out to Whitecaps Promotions Coordinator Brian Oropallo next season based solely on how you glow purple in your picture, like Sho-Nuff from “The Last Dragon”… or that kid with the white hair from the Disney film, “Sky High”… it’d be BETTER than Quick Change! To **** with Dania Kasseva and her wide array of outfits!

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