Taking Stock After A Long Weekend

Milb_logo_2Hello, and welcome back to the grind after what was hopefully a long weekend of rest and relaxation. For me, it represented a chance to take four days off from writing this fine blog. As it turned out, however, that was a respite that I did not enjoy. There is just too much great stuff out there in the world of the Minor Leagues that needs to be covered, and by the end of my 96 hours away from my work-issued laptop I felt numb and listless, deprived as I was from doing what I was put on this earth to do.

So let’s get back into this, with some news and notes and general observations about the Minors:

— First of all, I would be remiss in my duties if I did not include a link to my recent article aboutFarr

product placement in the Minor Leagues. It not only touches on the California Leagues‘ recent cameo on the NBC drama Life (which served as the article’s inspiration), but also includes reminisces’ from Toledo Mud Hens superfan Jamie Farr (best known as Corporal Klinger on M*A*S*H).

— Kirk Goodman has resigned from his position as General Manager of the Jacksonville Suns, in order to pursue other opportunities in the world of baseball. Goodman, 31, had worked with the Suns for over seven seasons, during which time they established themselves as one of the most successful franchises in the Southern League. Last month’s MacPhail Awards interview with Goodman can be found here.

— I should have mentioned this last week, but the Midwest League’s Swing of the Quad Cities will be under new ownership in 2008. The club, which was already in the midst of a "Re-Name the Team" contest, will now be run by the Main Street Iowa ownership group. As the offseason progresses, I will most certainly cover some of the changes that can be expected in the Quad Cities in 2008.

— I’ve touched on a wide variety of off-season events and activities that Minor League clubs have conducted this offseason, but so far the Mississippi Braves are the only team that I have come across who will be selling Christmas Trees. Attention, residents of West-Central Mississippi: head out to Trustmark Park and pick up a beautiful Fraser Fir immediately!

— The new logo train is gonna keep rolling right along. Next on the agenda are the always-entertaining Fresno Grizzlies, who will unveil their new duds on Thursday. My hope is that they just wear last season’s "Price Is Right" jerseys year-round.

— And, last but not least, I heartily recommend heading over to the Reading Phillies’ home page. There, one will be treated to an entertaining video recap of Jimmy Rollins’ 1999 season with the club. An interview with Jimmy and his then-roommate Tyrone Horne is the video’s highlight; fans will no doubt be delighted to learn that the reigning National League MVP flushes the toilet after he uses the bathroom.

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Listless, numb? Life can be given yet again. I choose to accept this mission and aspire to remain your everlovin’ noble nerd.

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