Omahanians Have Spoken, Will Continue To Speak

OmaharoyalslogoAs an ardent supporter of democracy, I am always pleased when fans are given a say in the promotional activities of their favorite team.

Take the Omaha Royals, for example. 2008 will mark their 40th season, and to celebrate this ruby anniversary the club is having its fans vote on which players they would like to see honored with a commemorative figurine. Four such figurines will be given away throughout the season, one representing each decade of play in the club’s history (70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s).

Over the past month, the O-Royals conducted an online vote to determine which player from theDavidcone
1980s deserves to be honored with his own figurine. The results are in, and David Cone has beat out the distinguished likes of Kevin Appier, Tom Gordon, Jeff Montgomery, and Mike McFarlane.

Now, it’s time to begin voting for the club’s 1990s honoree. The nominees are Jeff Conine, Jermaine Dye, Bob Hamelin, Joe Randa, and Mike Sweeney. Head over to to cast your vote, or at least to linger around anonymously before moving on to a new online destination.


No love for Brian McRae in the 90’s?

edit: I guess it would have been the 80’s, since he made his MLB debut in the 90’s.

Interestingly enough, McRae never played for Omaha. In 1990, he made the jump from AA Memphis straight to Kansas City, and never looked back.

Ah, the Pat Burrell of the Royals. Assuming he never looks back.

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