Whoomp! Ferrous it is!

Mascotdancing_1This is yet another story I am behind on due to my recent excursions to Nashville and Pittsburgh, but it definitely deserves a mention. Readers of this fine blog will recall this post, in which I reported on the unveiling of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs’ new mascot. At the time of the unveiling, the team put out the word that their new "swinetertainer" would be bestowed with his moniker following the results of a "Name the Mascot" contest.

Well, the team received over 7300 submissions to the contest, and eventually chose "Porkchop". Unfortunately, the team soon received complaints from Hispanics in the area, who said that the name was an ethnic slur. The IronPigs, not wishing to offend anyone, summarily switched the mascot’s name to "Ferrous" (a reference to an adjective derived from the Latin word for "Iron").

While some think that the IronPigs did the right thing, others no doubt believe that they merely capitulated to the PC liberal media thought police. What is indisputable, however, is that this little dust-up over their mascot’s name resulted quite a bit of free publicity (the best kind).

And, most importantly, the IronPigs’ staff saw fit to once again make mascot-related puns (my favorite type of Minor League pun).

"It is common for ferrous materials to be highly magnetic," said Director of Community Relations Sarah Marten. "So we feel fairly certain that this name will stick!"

I, meanwhile, sit here dejectedly, upset that no one gave my suggestion of "Tony Swine-omi" any consideration. Apparently it would have been offensive to fans of the greatest band of all time.

Undaunted, I submit another suggestion — I believe that Ferrous’ theme song should be Tag Team’sTagteam_1
"Whoomp! There It is!", with the lyrics changed to "Whoomp! Ferrous It Is!" (hence, the title of this post). But caution — only the Tag Team version of this song will do. Do not be deceived into playing 95 South’s vastly inferior "Whoot! There It Is!". That would just be embarrassing.

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