The Best of 2007…

GameopsAs mentioned previously on this fine blog, I am a regular visitor to the excellent (the "leader in Game Operations and Entertainment Since 1998"). Last week, the site unveiled its annual "Best of" Awards, based on the opinions of a 12 unbiased industry professionals.  While these awards cover all of professional sports, several of the winners are from right here in the world of affiliated Minor League Baseball.

The Portland Beavers were named co-winners in the "Best Game Promotion" category, for theirBdon
much-discussed and celebrated "Bob L. Head Bobblehead Night". Meanwhile, the Fort Myers Miracle received an honorable mention  for "Billy Donovan Night", which has already been voted the year’s top promotion on this fine website.

In the "Best Act" category, uber-nerd Myron Noodleman recieved an honorable mention. Mr. Noodleman is one of the most popular touring acts in the Minors, and a recurring fixture of many a team’s promotional calendar.

The Fresno Grizzlies were the Minors’ biggest winners, however. The inimitable Parker was named "Best Mascot", while the club also received an honorable mention in the "Best Team Operations" category. Congratulations to the Grizzlies, who are entering their 10th anniversary season with a new logo as well as tons of momentum from last year’s impressive campaign.

The full list of award winners can be found here. Also worth checking out are the YouTube clips on the bottom of the page. Somebody book Red Panda Acrobat at a Minor League Ballpark, stat!

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A couple of weeks ago, in a comment posted on this “fine blog” (as Benjamin is constantly reminding us), I gave the back of my hand (figuratively, not literally) to the cutsey fur-ball Parker the grizzly. Now I find out that he’s an award winner. To be fair, my criticism was made without ever having seen Parker in action. Next time I’m in Fresno, I’ll have to go to a Grizzlies’ home game, and then report back.

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