Winter Meetings Journal — Wednesday, Dec. 5

Aerialhorse_1 Over my last three posts, I believe I have given my vast readership more than enough info regarding my trip to the Winter Meetings. Therefore, I’ll keep this entry short , because to go into detail about the events of Wednesday would be largely redundant. Actually, I think a limerick should do the trick:

Day Three of the Winter Meetings was boring
All I did was make calls and write a story
But soon came the night
and that was alright
because I left the Opryland and went exploring

Okay, by "exploring" I mean "was herded onto a bus and driven to the Wild Horse Saloon for theCandcmusicfactory
Minor League Gala." On the way there, our driver told us that the Wild Horse was where the now-defunct TNN Network used to film the beloved line dancing show Crook and Chase (the original C and C Music Factory). This got me really excited, as I was a huge fan of that show growing up, and even had an autographed picture of Crook hanging on my wall. Once at the Wild Horse, we enjoyed three hours of all-you-can-eat-BBQ whilst being entertained by competent practitioners of the 21st Century Nashville sound. Sticking with the poetry theme, I now sum up the evening with a haiku.

Wild Horse Saloon
So Many People Were There
Yes, Even John Moss

For those who don’t know, John Moss is the ultimate baseball lifer. He has been the President of the South Atlantic League for 50 years, and has held jobs within baseball for the past 60. I have never met Mr. Moss, but happened to see him at the Wild Horse Saloon. It got me thinking that him at the 2007 Winter Meetings would be the equivalent of me at the 2067 Winter Meetings. That is just hard to fathom, and I have to give a proverbial tip of the cap to Mr. Moss for his lifetime of service to the game of baseball.

This concludes my Winter Meetings wrap-up, as I left Nashville the next morning. Let it be noted that the Opryland’s fee of $25 for the airport shuttle (one way!) is one of the most customer-unfriendly policies I have ever come across, ever. $25 can get a family of four into a Minor League ballgame, which is one of the many reasons I’m happy to be covering this crazy business.

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