Seymour To Be Seen No More in Fort Myers

See_moreWhen I started this blog back in October, I made the "executive decision" not to do posts regarding the myriad hirings, firings, resignations, and re-locations of front office personnel. There would just be too much to cover, and I already have a hard enough time as it is keeping up with logo changes.

However, I need to make an exception and report on this:

Andrew Seymour, the Assistant General Manager of the Fort Myers Miracle, will be the leaving the organization in order to become the GM of the Vancouver Canadians.

Over the past decade, Seymour has played a huge role in establishing the Miracle as a promotions powerhouse. The club was nominated for the Larry MacPhail Promotional Trophy this past season (leading to the coveted Ben’s Biz Blog interview) and "Billy Donovan Night" was voted the year’s best promotion through a poll conducted on

That represents just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Seymour has accomplished, and the Miracle’s press release announcing Seymour’s departure lists a few more of the promotional highlights he was responsible for through the years.

My favorite of these has to be the "Homage to the Sausage", which honored all the sausages that were harmed by the bat of Randall Simon (a reference to Simon’s notorious assault of a sausage mascot in Milwaukee during the 2003 season). Last season’s "Mike Tyson Ear Night" was also a classic, and we must not forget that this is a team that once gave away "bobblebutt" dolls.

Seymour’s presence in Vancouver immediately makes the Canadians a "team to watch" when itVancouver_canadians_logo
comes to 2008 promos. As for the Miracle, they are offering Seymour nothing but support in his new endeavors.

"Just like our players who get promoted, we enable our front office staff to achieve their goals and dreams," said Miracle GM Steve Gliner in the press release.

In this case, those dreams involve establishing Canada’s sole remaining affiliated Minor League team as one of the premier organizations in the Northwest League. It should be a very interesting season in Vancouver.

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