The Miracle of Beer

BeerWhile I’m on the topic of the Fort Myers Miracle (see yesterday’s post), I must point out the fact that the club is holding a most awesome event this weekend:

On Saturday, the "4th Annual Ballpark Festival of Beers" will be taking place at venerable Bill Hammond Stadium!

Advertised as "Florida’s Oldest and Largest Beer-Tasting Event" (which unintentionally says volumes about Florida’s lack of beer-tasting events), the Festival of Beers gives fans the opportunity to satiate their thirst by sampling over 40 varieties of the wondrous liquid.

But wait…there’s more! In addition to all the beer, the club is also staging the second annual "Best of Ballpark Wing Competition". Attendees will have the opportunity to sample chicken wings from over 30 local businesses, and then vote for their favorites. Additionally, the first 350 people through the gates receive a free pint glass, and a cigar-rolling demonstration will take place as well.

Admission to the Festival of Beers will cost an eminently reasonable $20, and includes 20 beer
sampling tickets (4 oz. per sample) as well as some free wings. The club’s press release stresses that kids, babies in strollers, and anyone under the age of 21 will not be admitted. So, please, don’t even attempt your usual scheme of dressing up like a baby in order to get free admission. The Miracle are on to you.

Finally, the press release notes that entertainment will be provided by Vintage Vinyl and Utter Chaos. Hammondfrontc0017_1My curiosity piqued, I scoured the internet for more information about these mysterious entities. The former is a self-described "party-rock band", the latter a self-described "high-energy rock and roll band". So aficionados of high-energy party rock (and aren’t we all?) will surely have a good time.

In short, beer + wings + cigars + rock ‘n roll = one of the best off-season Minor League events staged this year. I command everyone within a 75 mile radius of Fort Myers to attend, and report back to me with the details.

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