Another Giant Leip For Fankind

LeaperI would be remiss in my duties if I did not follow up my post about Lancaster’s “One Giant Leap for Fankind” promo with this bit of news that has recently emanated from Central Pennsylvania:

In recognition of their manager, Tim Leiper, the Altoona Curve have announced that they will be celebrating “Leip Year” all season long! The 2008 campaign is Leiper’s third as Curve manager, but the first that has occurred on an honest-to-God “Leip” Year. Accordingly, the club is pulling out all the stops in order to fully recognize this exquisite confluence of events.

Leiper is on board with this promotion, and has even agreed to change his uniform number to 29 (in order to honor February 29, of course).

“My only concern is that I hope the jersey fits because if not, I might be forced to go on an emergency diet before the start of the season,” remarked the fortuitously-named skipper in the Curve’s press release.

During the season, if any contest becomes a “Leip game” (extra innings), then all fans who stick it out to the end of the evening will receive a 29% discount at the team store. Also, the club will stage a “Leip Batter” contest during each home game. If the 29th Curve  batter of the evening hits a home run, then one lucky fan will receive a generous prize package. Finally, the team has announced that it will be adding “Leip Frog” to its regular rotation of between-innings games and contests.

Leip Year mania will reach its apex early in the season, as April 29th will be “Leip Year for Leiper29
Night” at Altoona’s Blair County Ballpark. This promotion is, in a word, brilliant. I will now revert to list form in order to convey this brilliance to you in as easily digestible a manner as possible.

— All those born on Feb. 29th will be admitted to the ballpark for free, and will have the honor of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch to “Leip” himself.

— The first 150 fans to buy a ticket in section 29 (the “Leip” section) will receive a 29% discount. They will then be saluted every four innings.

— Fans are encouraged to wear #29 sports jerseys to the ballpark.

— Famous “Leaplings” (those born on February 29) will be honored all game long.

— If any player is batting .366 upon the conclusion of the ballgame, he will be awarded $366 by the Curve (this, of course, is in honor of the fact that there are 366 days in a “Leip” Year).

— Throughout the game, the team will pay tribute to events that occur every four years (such as the Olympics).

Phew. I believe that I have semi-plagiarized the team’s press release enough at this point, and will now retire to my offseason lair. Before I go, let me engage in a little self-promotion: Friday’s Minoring in Business article on Harrisburg Senators GM Randy Whitaker can be found here, while the latest installment of our new “At Home With” series can be found here. In the article’s sidebar, I was able to include a mention of legendary guitarist Glenn Branca, one of the most influential figures in NYC’s underground rock scene of the late 70s and early 80s. I highly recommend purchasing 1981’s Ascension, which is a truly visionary record.

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we can control you but we certainly cant contain you!
parny has nothing on you in terms of shameless self promotion!!!
“leip years” are you f11876…ing kidding me?
order the rings!!! altoona baseball…. everybody loves curve baseball.

i just saw randy ruiz crush another minor league hanging fastball.
the best dressed scout in professional baseball

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