Blogging on Autopilot

RaccoonI generally put a lot of effort into this esteemed blog, but I’m not adverse to coasting when the opportunity arises. And the opportunity to be a lazy blogger has definitely arisen, because here’s something that pretty much writes itself:

The Quad Cities River Bandits are holding a "Name the Mascot" contest!

One may recall that the Quad Cities baseball club has undergone a thorough overhaul this season, and the team’s new mascot is a key part of this massive re-branding effort. A sketch of the costumed raccoon has been released, and is located just above the words that you are reading at this very moment.

Now what should this jovial fellow be named? Entries are currently being accepted on the team’sMario_3
website, so make sure your voice is heard. While my previous mascot name suggestions have been universally ignored, I still insist on giving my opinion. And what I believe is that this anthropomorphic nocturnal mammal should be named "Tanuki".

Yes, this is a reference to Super Mario Brothers 3, which was itself referencing a character from Japanese folklore. I implore those who are capable of more original thought than I to visit The team needs your input!

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I believe you mean “kabuki”

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