Rocket To Take Refuge in Huntsville?

Huntsville_starsIn a move reminiscent of the Toledo Mud Hens‘ recent contract offer to Alex Rodriguez, the Huntsville Stars have extended an employment opportunity to beleaguered Congressional testifier Roger Clemens.

No, the Stars do not wish to have Clemens take the mound for them. That would be ridiculous.

Rather, the aerospace-themed franchise believes that as "The Rocket", Clemens would make a perfect mascot.

"If he accepts the offer, Clemens, as ‘Rocket’, will dress as an astronaut and simply interact withHomer
fans and assist with on-field promotions during our team’s 70-game home schedule when the primary mascot, Homer the Polecat, is not available," read the team’s press release.

But the press release includes far more than that, of course, including a personal letter to Clemens that reads in part:

"Although the position isn’t the most lucrative in Minor League Baseball, we guarantee that you’ll have the most fun of any team with which you’ve been employed. In addition to your $25 per game, you will receive meal vouchers redeemable at the concession stand for one hot dog and one soft drink each night, and a 15% employee discount at our team’s souvenir store."

Not surprisingly, this letter is the work of new General Manager Buck Rogers, who was featured in a post on this fine blog just last month. Like the Mud Hens’ offer to A-Rod, Rogers’ tongue-in-cheek stunt has garnered the attention of media outlets outside the world of Ben’s Biz Blog (which, lets face it, will run just about anything associated with the Minor Leagues).

The mighty Deadspin did a post on the subject earlier this afternoon, as did AOL’s Fanhouse. Expect more to follow suit within the next 24 hours.

And While I’m On The Subject, Pt. 1: Another recent Buck Rogers’ innovation worth noting is their Community Clean-up Event on March 22nd. In exchanging for doing light manual labor at Joe DavisHh
Stadium, fans will be awarded with 2008 ticket packages.

And While I’m On the Subject, Pt.2: In addition to doing a post on the Stars’ offer to Clemens, Deadspin also links to a bloggers’ first-hand account of trying out for the Detroit Tigers. The author of this post maintains a Lakeland Flying Tigers blog that I had previously not been aware of. It is now part of my ever-growing list of Minor League team blogs, which is handily located to your left (okay, and down a little bit as well).

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