Ben's Biz Blog — Now "In Season"

play ball.jpgThere’s no going back now.

Approximately one hour ago, Syracuse’s David Purcey threw the first official pitch of the Minor League season. And with that, the floodgates opened. For the next five months, there will be a virtually nonstop cavalcade of games throughout the 14 affiliated Minor Leagues.

Fortunately, this dramatic change in the Minor League landscape provides this already overloaded blog with even more subject fodder! If there’s one thing I love here at Ben’s Biz Blog, it’s fodder!

Promotion of the Day: This is already mentioned in my Promotion Preview column, but I’m going to have to go with the Altoona Curve. Not only will co-owner (and future NFL Hall-of-Famer) Jerome Bettis be throwing out the first pitch, but the club will also be giving away a kitchen sink during the contest. This symbolic gesture is meant to imply to the fans that the Curve will be “throwing the sink” at them in 2008.

Also tonight: Victory Bell Giveaway (Columbus Clippers), Replica Statue giveaway (Corpus Christi Hooks), Schedule T-Shirt Giveaway (Huntsville Stars), Jake Peavy Appearance and # Retirement Ceremony (Lake Elsinore Storm), Bruce Sutter First Pitch (Rome Braves).

Rascal It Is: The Quad City River Bandits have announced the name of their new raccoon rascal.jpgmascot, and it is Rascal. This mischievous moniker beat out the likes of Rocky, Roscoe, Smokey, and Woody in a “Name the Mascot” popular vote, which is what was predicted all along by Ben’s Biz Blog commenter “Andre_b_28” back on March 22nd. Rascal made his public debut on Tuesday at –where else? — a local Flooring Outlet. This was apparently to symbolize the fact that the Quad Cities community will soon be “floored” by River Bandits baseball.

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Hello this is I am writing this to make u feel better for not winning and tell u about what I received. This is not sarcasm and im not here to rub it in. for submitting the winning name I received… NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!!! I asked ahead of time if anyone submitted that name and they said no. they are so cheap and I am so ticked off that I am never going to any of the games ever again!!!

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