A Promotion Worth its (Veruca) Salt

rivercats_logo.jpgIt is laid out in the Ben’s Biz Blog constitution (email me if you would like to review a copy of this hallowed document) that any Minor League promotion that can be described as “Willy Wonka-esque” will receive coverage. Therefore, I am now obligated to highlight one of the Sacramento River Cats‘ most recent publicity-seeking endeavors.

Throughout the past week, the River Cats have distributed 500 bags of peanuts throughout the Sacramento area. Within one of these complimentary parcels of salted legumes is the highly sought-after “Golden Ticket”, which can be redeemed for 2008 River Cats season tickets.

Hopefully, this “Golden Ticket” will end up in the hands of a deserving individual, much like Charlie was eventually awarded the titular chocolate factory in Roald Dahl’s beloved book. Stay tuned…

Promotion of the Day

Well, this isn’t so much a promotion as a flat-out “event”, but the Northwest Arkansasnaturals.jpg Naturals play their first home game tonight (weather permitting). Fans will receive special commemorative tickets as they enter Arvest Ballpark, and the likes of George Brett, Arkansas governor Mike Beebe, and Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle will be in attendance. Three skydivers are slated to deliver Texas League Baseballs to the umpiring crew, and an F-16 flyover will occur just after recording artist Joe Nichols finishes singing the national anthem.

And then there will be a ballgame! Welcome to the world of Double-A Baseball, Northwest Arkansas. I hope you enjoy it watching it as much as I enjoy writing about it from 1500 miles away.

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i wonder how many people were on the fence about whether or not to come to the Naturals opening day, and when they heard that Jared was gonna be there, it turned the maybe into a yes.

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