The Plot Thickens

Plog_Banner.jpgAs we all know by now, beloved mascot Parker has left his Fresno Grizzlies
over what the team has termed “reconcilable differences”. At issue is
Parker’s belief that the Fresno fans should be able to “Pack the Park”
for tonight’s home opener against the Tucson Sidewinders.

When I last reported on this developing story, Parker had relocated to the top of the the Security Bank Building (the tallest building in Fresno). This unique vantage point gives him a birds-eye view of Chukchansi Park, therefore making it easy for him to determine if the Park has indeed been packed.

Now, Fresno Mayor (and former television star) Alan Autry is getting in on the act as well. Autry has offered to make Parker the “Honorary Mayor of Fresno” if he attends tonight’s game. That’s a mighty big carrot to dangle in front of Parker, who, like nearly all mascots, has always had honorary mayor aspirations.

In a most convenient development, Parker has just established his very own “plog”. There, fans can read updates on what has been going on in the life of this most courageous and principled mascot. In his latest entry, Parker outlines his “honorary mayor” platform, which includes such crowd-pleasing legislation as “Free Popcorn and Hot Dogs to Everyone.”

But in order for this to happen, Parker needs to come down from the roof of the Security Bank Building. And in order for that to happen, Fresno fans need to pack Chukchansi Park tonight. I don’t know about you, folks, but the suspense is killing me.

The Weekend in Promos (Now commentary free! For more info, click here)

TONIGHT: Performance by Guns ‘N Roses tribute band “Appetite for Destruction” (Fort Myers Miracle), Dale Earnhardt’s race car on display (Hagerstown Suns), Commemorative Ticket Giveaway (Lehigh Valley IronPigs), Transformers Opening Weekend (Lexington Legends), Jimmy Rollins/Ryan Howard Double Bobblehead (Reading Phillies)

SATURDAY: Pope On A Rope Giveaway (Charleston RiverDogs), 100th Aniversary Pagoda Caps (Reading Phillies)

SUNDAY: Grandparent’s Day (Erie SeaWolves), Tremor’s Birthday and Mascot Mania (Rancho Cucamonga Quakes), Championship Logo Baseballs (Trenton Thunder)

Have a great weekend, everybody. Let me close by congratulating Minors Moniker Madness champion Will Startup, who officially has the best name in the Minor Leagues.

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