Hawk! A New Mascot in Lowell

red hawk.jpgThe Lowell Spinners (Class A Short Season affiliate of the Boston Red Sox) are already well-represented on the mascot front, as Canaligator, wife Allie-gator, and daughter Mille-gator form an uncommonly strong familial triple-threat.

The Spinners have nonetheless added yet another mascot to their stable, but this one is of a decidedly different bent: last week, the club announced that the Red-Tailed Hawk has been named the official mascot of the Yankee Elimination Program.

Okay, so there are two questions that the casual fan (Hi Mom!) may be asking his or herself right now:

1. What is the significance of the Red-Tailed Hawk?
2. What is the Yankees Elimination Program?

In response to #1, the Red-Tailed Hawk has become very popular to fans of the Boston Red Sox. One of these fine feathered specimens has been building nests in Fenway Park since 2002, and earlier this month the Red-Tailed Hawk made the news after attacking a 13-year-old girl who was touring the stadium as part of a school field trip (from the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” department, the girl’s name was Alexa Rodriguez).

Now, moving on to #2 — the “Yankee Elimination Program” is a longstanding Spinners initiative, in which the club attempts to replace local “Yankee” youth teams with “Spinners”. In fact, here’s an article on the topic, written by a young and impressionable Benjamin Hill in 2006:

Click here.

Of course, there’s one more layer to this story, and long-time readers of this fine blog should be able to guess what that is. Okay, all together now: the mascot needs a name. If anyone has any suggestions as to what the Red-Tailed Hawk should be called, then email elewis@lowellspinners.com and include your name, phone number and hawk-name suggestion.

Finally, Spinners fans who wish to see a Red-Tailed Hawk live and in-the-flesh should attend their August 4th contest. Jonathan “The American Birdman” will be the guest of honor, and he’ll be  bringing a Red-Tailed hawk to LeLacheur Park.

And While I’m On the Topic — Anyone remember this post of a few weeks ago, when I Thumbnail image for strike.jpghighlighted the fact that the Thunder’s new anthropomorphic lightning bolt mascot needed a name? Well, a name he has received: Strike.

According to the press release, this rather pedestrian selection beat out the likes of Wonderboy, Alex Tricity, Franklin, and Fulgurite.

Promo of the Day — I’m going to lift this right off of this week’s “Promotion Preview” column:

Fort Myers Miracle (Florida State League)
Ladies of the Professional Pillow Fight League, April 17

Make plans for a late night at Hammond Stadium on Thursday, because at
the conclusion of that evening’s contest between the Miracle and the
Threshers there will be a very special event: Pillow Fighting! That’s
right, the Ladies of the Professional Pillow Fight League will engage
in post-game all-holds-barred combat for the enjoyment of a
sure-to-be-enthusiastic “Thirsty Thursday” crowd. Laina Beaton — the
league’s No. 1 contender — is scheduled to appear, as are the likes of
Eiffel Powers and Carma Monoxide. Be there!”

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