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Tri-City Mayors Bobblehead series.jpgUpon checking my email this morning, I discovered a 1-2 punch of interesting promotional information. Let us now ease ever-so-gently into the weekend by perusing these bits of notable Minor League happenstance:

Tri-City ValleyCats Release Promotional Schedule — Regular readers of this “Pro” blog will remember the ValleyCats from this post, when Assistant General Manager Vic Christopher shed some light on the team’s promotional strategies. It was an illuminating window into a surrealist, Dada-esque world in which Deer/Banana hybrids comfortably shared the spotlight with Vespa-riding chickens. Well, today, the short-season ballclub released its 2008 promotions schedule. Highlighting the season’s giveaways are a series of Mayoral bobbleheads, in which each of the Tri-Cities will be represented: Albany’s Jerry Jennings on June 30, Troy’s Harry Tutunjian on July 9, and Schenectady’s Brian Stratton on July 28.

Also of note in Tri-City: World’s Largest Spiedie on June 29, April Fools Day in July on July 1 (comedians in the concourse!), and Pappy Southpaw’s 99th Birthday on July 13.

Stop Talking About the Distant Future! — Uh, okay. Well, how about a little info on what is happening in Altoona this evening? That work for you? Great. Check this out:

It’s Salute to Tools Night! I cannot resist the urge to quote from the press release, so here it hammertime.jpggoes:

“A double entendre will be at work as the Curve not only honor
everything on your dad’s work bench from hammers and nails to screwdrivers and
“T” squares, but also will poke fun at famous people who are “tools”, described
by ‘Urban Dictionary’ as ‘someone always trying too hard to fit in, and because
of this, never will.'”

You want more? You get more!

“Fans will be enlightened with a plethora of tool trivia, for example, in
England, the wrench is called a spanner and was patented in 1835 by Solymon
Merrick…In addition to apparatus-type tools, the human-type tools
will also be featured on Friday. Former Miami Dolphins and current University
of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, who this year equated
consecutive losses by his Alabama football team to Pearl Harbor and the
September 11th Attacks, will be among the evening’s honorees.”

For even more promos to look forward to this weekend, click here. Thanks, everybody.


Maybe I should go. My ex-girlfriend was always telling me what a tool I was.

-The Baseball Collector

Hey Ben, the only other NY-P league team with some sort of promo schedule is Brooklyn, where they have a Boomer/Carton double bobble along with an Erskine for adults and 2 different mascot mini bobbles for the kiddies. Also of note a figurine of the world famous cyclone roller coaster.

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