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InternationalLeague.gifThe 2008 campaign is a big one for the venerable old International League, which, much like John McCain, is celebrating its 125th year of existence. This milestone will be commemorated in a number of ways, perhaps most notably when the Rochester Red Wings and the Syracuse Chiefs clash in the “Cooperstown Classic” at the Baseball Hall of Fame on May 18th.

But, for my money, even more intriguing is the IL’s recently announced fan photo contest. Starting on May 1, fans are invited to submit photos they have taken within International League ballparks. Each month, the best entry will be awarded with what is currently described as “an exciting prize package.”

This contest will surely result in a deluge of amateur photographs from aspiring shutterbugs around the country. In order to create order from the chaos, the league has divided the contest into several distinct categories. The category for May is “Ballpark Action”. This will be followed in short order by “Fans”, “Mascots”, and, my favorite, “Ballpark Promotions.”

Once again, this contest begins on May 1, at which point fans can submit their photos to

I’m a fan of baseball, the International League, contests, photography, the internet and categories, so you better believe I’ll be keeping an eye on this throughout the season.

Also, lest I forget…New Promotion Preview column out now. Click here, and make sure to cast your vote for the week’s best.          

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