Best. Trophy. Ever.

lowellspinners3.gifThere are quite a few teams around the Minor Leagues that host local high school baseball tournaments, but leave it to the Lowell Spinners to take this simple activity to the next level.

In 2005, the club established the “Spinners World Series”, a four-team tournament that is held at LaLacheur Park (this year’s edition will take place from May 17-19). Undoubtedly, the most notable aspect of the Spinners World Series is that the winner takes home a three-foot bobble head trophy, featuring team mascot Canaligator.

Upon hearing of the existence of this truly awesome piece of hardware, I knew that I (and my legions of readers) had to get a look at this 36-inch specimen. I quickly got in touch with Spinners Media Relations Manager Jon Boswell, who graciously supplied the following:


Awesome, right? For good measure, here’s a shot of last year’s winner hoisting the trophy:


Undoubtedly, my favorite thing about this shot is that the two players on the far left (as well as the coach on the far right) are in absolute awe of the trophy. They clearly are unable to shift their gaze away from the beatific beauty of the undulating alligator. And I don’t blame them. If I had had a hand in winning that thing, I would never let it out of my sight.

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Wow, that really is an awesome trophy. I like the Spinners’ goofiness and grass-roots combination approach to advertising.

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