The Renegades Honor A True American Hero

favre.jpg12-year-old David Whitthoft has recently received a veritable boatload of media attention due to the fact that he wore a Brett Favre Green Bay Packers jersey for 1,581 consecutive days — a Guinness World Record. He voluntarily brought the streak to an end on his 12th birthday.

On August 30th, the Hudson Valley Renegades will pay tribute to Whitthoft’s amazing accomplishment during their annual “NFL Night” promotion. The pre-teen Connecticut resident will be on hand to throw out the game’s first pitch, and the club will retire his tattered #4 Favre jersey. Hopefully, Whitthoft will receive a Renegades jersey for his troubles, which he will then decide to wear until his high school graduation.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers won’t be retiring Favre’s #4 jersey until September 8. Therefore, Packers fans who can’t wait that long are urged to travel to Hudson Valley’s Dutchess Stadium in order to witness this emotional and stirring ceremony. That’s a 900-mile drive that’s sure to be worth it.

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