The Year's Best Giveaway? — The Aftermath

I did a post last month about the Lancaster JetHawks‘ upcoming skateboard giveaway, a most highly impressive promotion indeed. In case you need your memory refreshed, the post is here. And for further refreshment, here’s a photo of the skateboard that was given away to the first 500 kids in attendance (age 16 and younger):


This promotion took place this past Saturday, and was a huge hit. JetHawks GM Brad Seymour reports:

Without a doubt, this was the most in-demand giveaway I have
seen in my career. By 4pm (two hours before gates opened) we had a line that
stretched over 100 feet and the attached photos were taken one hour prior to the
gates opening, when the line stretched from the front of our stadium down to our
visitors clubhouse. We entertained the crowd waiting in line with t-shirt tosses
from the top of the stadium and other free items, in addition to our mascot
handing out freebies.
We had several long-time fans comment that this was the best
giveaway our club had ever done and we had many new (and young) faces in the
crowd for the game, allowing us to reach into the demographic we wanted to

Astute readers will note Seymour’s mention of an “attached photo”, which I will now dutifully attach to this post. Obviously, Lancasterarians (Lancasterites?) were psyched to get their free skateboards.


All in all, this was obviously a most excellent day in the history of the JetHawks, even considering the 10-1 drubbing they suffered at the hands of the Inland Empire 66ers that evening. Because if there’s anything that can alleviate the disappointment associated with a home team drubbing, its a free skateboard.

Tomorrow: Pictures from a completely different Minor League promotion! If you are in “the industry”, then send pictures from your event to me at (and if you’re not in the industry, email me for any reason whatsoever).

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