Hey Ladies!

150px-WinstonSalemWarthogs.gifAs regular readers of this exemplary blog are aware, Fresno’s Drag Kings are Minor League Baseball’s premier infield-dragging dance crew. But they are not the only game in town when it comes to novelty groundskeeping.

For once a year, male employees of the Winston-SalemMatt_Flynt.jpg Warthogs front office don women’s clothing and tend to the infield dirt. Like many other humiliating promotional endeavors undergone by Minor League Baseball employees, the reason they do this is simple: It’s for charity.

This year’s “Drag in Drag” event raised $3,000 for a local chapter of the Special Olympics. How it works is simple. In the two weeks leading up to the big day (which occurred on July 5th), fans were asked to donate money to the front office member who they would most like to see “Drag in Drag”. Let’s take a look at the “winners”.

Trey has his face covered in hair, but that outfit leaves little else to the imagination:

Trey Drag.jpg

Matt goes for the elderly tennis pro look:

Matt Drag.jpg

David nails the crazy old lady at the bus stop style that has been all the rage these days:

David Drag.jpg

And Cass exudes a George Washington-at-the-beach summertime vibe:

Cass Drag.jpg

Upon the conclusion of their cross-dressing infield escapades, these four titans of gender subversion met up with an actual woman for a novelty check photo-op:

Check Presentation 2.jpg
Congratulations to the Warthogs for finding an innovative way to raise money for charity, and thanks to Director of Community Relations Trey Kalny for the photos.

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