A New Home For An Old Home

aaron home.jpgHank Aaron’s former Mobile home will temporarily become a mobile home, as the Mobile BayBears announced yesterday that they will be moving the legendary slugger’s childhood residence to Hank Aaron Stadium. This, of course, is the immobile home of the Mobile BayBears, who are currently on the road.

If you are confused, I take full responsibility. This compulsion to engage in unnecessary wordplay is reaching epic proportions.

Here’s the deal: Hank Aaron was born in Mobile’s Toulminville district, and his family has recently announced its decision to donate his childhood home to the city of Mobile. The city has wisely decided to restore the home and then move it to the grounds of the BayBears’ Hank Aaron Stadium.

Once there, it will become the Hank Aaron Family museum. From the press release:

“The home will be restored and will become a museum showcasing the history of Hank andHank Aaron HOF plaque.jpg his family during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s…The renovation will take place from October 2008 into the spring of
2009 and plans are to open the museum in April as the BayBears will
celebrate Hank Aaron’s 75th birthday all season long.”

But, of course, that is not all:

“In addition to tours of the home, during BayBears games, fans will have
an opportunity to picnic in Hank’s backyard. A white picket fence will
be constructed in the back of the home with picnic tables. Plans are
for groups to tour the stadium grounds, Hank Aaron Family Museum and
view a video in the Harbor Communications Center about the life of Hank

Hammerin’ Hank is far from the only baseball luminary to hail from the city of Mobile, as the likes of Willie McCovey, Ozzie Smith, Juan Pierre, Satchel Paige, Billy Williams, Amos Otis, and Jake Peavy were also born there. Maybe the city can tow the homes of all these players to Hank Aaron Stadium as well, in the process creating a neighborhood of local sports superstars.

(photo credit: Mary Hattler, Associated Press)

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