Featherweight Fighters Do Battle In Kane County

Thumbnail image for kcc.gifAccording to the fine folks at Guinness World Records, the largest pillow fight ever occurred at the University of Albany in 2005, and featured 3,648 combatants.

Last season, the Kane County Cougars attempted to break this record by staging a “World’s Largest Pillowfight” promotion. They made a good show of it, but ultimately fell short as they were able to entice “just” 3,085 fans to engage in post-game cushion combat.

In a display of the indomitable spirit that characterizes those from the great Midwest, the club simply decided they needed to try a little harder this season.

“After coming so close last
season and seeing the tremendous response towards the event,
PerfPillow.jpg there was
no doubt in our mind that we were going to take another crack at
breaking the world record this season,” Cougars Assistant General
Manager Jeff Ney said in a press release announcing this year’s feather-filled battle royale.

And break the World Record they did, as 3,872 fans took part in a post-game pillow fight on July 19th. The aforementioned fine folks at Guinness have not officially confirmed the Cougars’ triumph over the University of Albany, but hopefully they will legitimize the proceedings in the very near future.

In the meantime, the Cougars’ website features a video of the event as well as a post-fight wrap-up. Click here.

If Guinness confirms the record and the Cougars achieve pillow fighting immortality, it will be interesting to see if they can break their own record next year. Perhaps they could generate further interest in the event by snagging an endorsement from Speaker of the House Nancy “Pillow”-si.

It’s worth a shot.


Another real cool promotion they do is “Peanut Free” night to allow those with allergies to peanuts a chance to come out to the yard.
Tim Kuda

For next year, they should let their record stand and focus on setting the “World’s Deadliest Pillowfight” record.

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