A Herculean Feat: Two Posts in One Day

crosscutters.jpgOne of the greatest aspects of Minor League Baseball is the extent to which teams establish identities based on the history of the cities in which they play.

Case in point: The Williamsport CrossCutters. The team’s name is a reference to Williamsport’s history as “The Lumber Capital of the World”, and their logo features a bat and log-wielding lumberjack. Recently, the club celebrated this heritage with a “Pre-game Wood Cutting Demo”, which I imagine was the only pre-game wood cutting demo to occur in the Minor Leagues this season (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Crosscutters VP of Marketing Gabe Sinicropi sent along the following photo, featuring himself (in the jersey) and GM Doug Estes displaying their formidable sawing skills. These skills were not formidable enough, however, as they were defeated in this sawing contest by (horror) two members of the local media.


In other CrossCutter news, Boomer continues to enjoy his first season as the club’s mascot. He is one of my favorite mascots in the Minors, and it should be easy to see why:


(Boomer is the one on the left)

Do YOU have pictures from a Minor League promotion? If so, send ’em to me.

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