Turnin' Japanese in Vancouver

canada-thumb-180x180.jpgAs regular readers of the blog are aware, I make it a point to occasionally highlight the ever-growing world of mascot racing. The last post on this subject dealt with Toledo’s “Racing With the Stars” series, featuring Kitty Holmes, Jamie Farrmadillo, and Jim Flealand.

Today, we shall transition from the Midwest all the way to Vancouver, where the hometown Canadians feature racing sushi on a nightly basis. Ever-ebullient GM Andrew Seymour reports:

“In a market where there’s a huge Asian population and many
an Asian restaurant the Sushi Race has become our Hallmark promo. Canadians
fans always make a point of catching the Sushi Race – even if they’re in the
midst of ordering a Sapporo Beer and a Sushi Dog at our Concession stands – and
cheer on Chef Wasabi!”

In addition to the lovable (albeit winless) Chef Wasabi, the other two combatants are Ms. BC Roll and Mr. Kappa Maki:


Despite his winless record, Chef Wasabi always maintains a positive outlook:


While Ms. BC Roll is always up for some fan interaction:


A YouTube video of the Racing Sushi in action can be viewed here.

As always, get in touch if YOU would like YOUR team’s racing mascots to be featured on this fine blog.

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