Gettin' That Worm

early.jpgThe 2009 season is still — horrors! — more than four months away.

Nonetheless, several teams have recently announced their 2009 promotional schedules. This simple act serves as a soothing balm to my troubled soul, reminding me and others like me that happy times will soon be here once again.

Let’s take a look at what a few of these promotional early birds have in store for us all.

Lehigh Valley IronPigsThe turnstiles clicked and whirred at a stunning pace last season, lvip.gifas the IronPigs drew over 600,000 fans to Coca-Cola Park in their inaugural campaign. But now, the honeymoon is over. Fans this year will be a bit more discerning, so the club has found a variety of ways to lure the crowds to the idyllic environs of the baseball diamond. Here are three promotions that caught my eye (and you know how painful that can be):

April 15 — Tax Day, w/ team logo checkbook cover giveaways.

June 25 — FeFe the Mascot bobblehead doll giveaway (Fe is the symbol for “Iron”, in case you somehow didn’t know that most basic of facts).

June 29 — Italian Heritage Day w/ Pizza Cutter Giveaway

nhfc.jpgNew Hampshire Fisher CatsBetween this, this, and this, the Fisher Cats have been very much in the Ben’s Biz Blog radar as of late. Well, it continues. Here are three highlights from their 2009 promo sked:

July 23 — Splash Day (this is a Fisher Cats tradition. In a recent “At Home With” column, media relations director Mike Murphy explained it as such: “Our staff dresses up as lifeguards, we set up a dunk tank, and by
partnering with area fire departments, we have “wet zones” where the
fire department spray hoses into the air, dousing specific areas of the
park to offset the heat of the summer.”)

August 7 — Crazy Burger Challenge (your guess is as good as mine…)

August 9 — Manchester Monarchs Cap Giveaway (sweet, sweet synergy with the local minor league hockey franchise)

Trenton Thunder (the only club to be honored on the floor of the New Jersey State senatetrethun.gif this offseason)

May 11 — Championship Canvas Giveaway

May 12 — Ketchup and Mustard Dispenser Set Giveaway

August 12 — Austin Jackson Action Photo Paperweight Giveaway (action photos and paperweights…together at last! Also, I believe that clips from “Action Jackson” should be shown on the videoboard on this most special evening).

Well, this concludes today’s installment of arbitrary promotional listings. Hey, teams, if you have released YOUR 2009 promotional schedule then please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Remember, in the cutthroat world of Minor League promotional gurus, no one wields more power than I.

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