Julio's Fort Myers Miracle

miracle.jpgTalk about some timely reporting —

Early yesterday afternoon, 19-year-old Julio Osegueda emerged as the star of President Obama’s town hall meeting in Fort Myers, FL. The enthusiastic McDonald’s employee and college student questioned Obama about employee benefits and later told the President that he had plans to be a broadcaster or disc jockey.

Less than four hours after the conclusion of the town hall meeting, the Fort Myers Miracle sent out a press release announcing that they had hired Osegueda to provide color commentary on their Opening Day radio broadcast. And less than one hour after that, MiLB.com had a story up on the Miracle’s job offer.

This story was written by — you guessed it — me! I spoke with Miracle promotions director Gary Sharp, who then put me in touch with Julio himself. Read it here.

For those who need a little context, here’s the YouTube video of Julio at the town hall meeting:


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Ben what a really great baseball story! (And really great article!) It’s nice to know that America is still the land of opportunity! Who knows – maybe he will have found his calling. Good luck Julio!


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