Minor League Ballclubs Court Women, Provide Warmth

barbs.jpgMany Minor League teams offer local youths the opportunity to join a “Kids Club”. For a nominal annual fee, these mascot-sanctioned entities generally provide the child in question with an array of team merchandise, tickets, and in-stadium discounts.

But rare is the team that makes such an offer (adopt suave, bass-inflected voice for these next three words) For the Ladies. 

With the recent introduction of their BARBS! fan club, the Corpus Christi Hooks have done just this. Press release, I’m going to let you explain things from here:

[D]esigned for female baseball fans between the ages of 16 and 54. BARBS
membership benefits include a pink visor, pink tote bag, two reserved
tickets to three 2009 Hooks home games and a 10 percent discount at
Hook, Line & Sinker.

Now, I know the question on everyone’s mind at this point is this — “Why is this thing callhook.GIF ‘BARBS’?” Fortunately, Hooks president Ken Schrom has an answer:

“The most important part of a hook is the barb, so we feel the name is a natural.”

Thanks, Ken Schrom. Now, all that remains to be seen is whether the Hooks offer will “lure” more female fans to the ballpark.

Talk About Good Timing!

splash_polar_bear_club.jpgAs I was in the midst of composing this blog post (#268, for those keeping track at home), an email from the Lancaster JetHawks landed in my inbox with a portentous thud. This missive, from general manager Larry Thornhill, announced an even more unique Minor League fan club.

Enjoying outdoor activities during the early spring in the Antelope Valley can
be a rather chilly proposition. That is why the Lancaster JetHawks…have come up with a great new way to enjoy
exciting professional baseball while staying warm and comfortable at the
ballpark. The brand new “Polar Bear Club” will give its members access to a
special heated section, as well as hot chocolate and a blanket, along with
ticket discounts for all April home games at Clear Channel Stadium.

The heated section will feature several outdoor space heaters and will be
exclusive to Polar Bear Club members. Along with this special benefit, Polar
Bear Club members will receive a ticket to all 14 JetHawks home games in April. They will receive a specially designed JetHawks Polar Bear Club blanket, as well
as a hot dog and cup of hot chocolate at each game.

lancaster_jethawks_primary_logo_2_3.jpgThe price of the Polar Bear Club is $120 (a scaled down $80 option exists as well). This is a great deal for
those who were already considering attending all or most of the April
games anyway, but is probably too much money to entice the casual fan. Regardless, I love the JetHawks strategy of taking a negative and turning it into a positive by giving people a reason to want to come out and sit in the cold. Every Minor League community has its subset of hardcore, rain-or-shine fans. Why not reward and encourage their masochistic game-attending tendencies by offering something similar to what the JetHawks have done?

And, for some reason, I can’t get it out of my mind that the Polar Bear Club will result in at least one marriage down the line. 14 chilly nights of fleece blanket and hot chocolate-enhanced Minor League Baseball seems like a really good way to get to know someone.

I wonder if the BARBS would agree. 


I love the BRABS idea! But be prepared – you’ll get evil hate mail from a small group who think that women in pink hats are not true fans! I proudly wear my Pink Red Sox hat – and I am a TRUE fan!


I think that there should be a different polar bear club that has something to do with fans being rewarded for sitting through a game with minimal (yet appropriate) clothing.

The Barbs club is a hit here already, with both our fans and the sponsor, a local mall named La Palmera. Anyone interested in more info can drop me a line anytime. Thanks for the love, Ben!

And way to go Lancaster, great cold-weather innovation fom the newest Astros affiliate!

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