I’ve Had All I Can Stand! I Can’t Stands No More!

steamin'.jpgThis season, to the extent that time and money will allow, I plan on taking my act on the road. I need to see, firsthand, that which I am writing about.

The season is still a month away, but the Biz Blog traveling circus is making a stop in Altoona on Friday. Specifically, I will be spending an interminable amount of time touching a life-size bobblehead.

Here, via an Altoona Curve press release, are the pertinent details:

Announced earlier this week as one of the many festivities happening during
Baseball Bash, 2009 was the Curve’s unique and innovative “out-STANDING” fan competition.  The Curve are providing a chance for fans to win a pair of
2009 Grandstand season tickets by displaying the ultimate test of fan loyalty
and endurance in a marathon contest in which they can stand with a limb of
their choice touching one of the life-size bobble head statues of Curve
mascots, Steamer or Diesel Dawg.

 Inspired by the call out to Curve fans was Ben Hill, a baseball reporter for
MILB.com, the official website of Minor League Baseball.

Hill will travel from New York City to Altoona to participate in the out-STANDING fan competition at Baseball Bash, 2009 on Friday, March 13 at Blair County Ballpark.  Bash festivities begin at 5:00 p.m., but throughout the day, the Curve will provide fans who want to win a pair of 2009 Grandstand season
tickets to participate in this fun, unprecedented competition.

 “We never expected this competition to reach as far as New York City or gain national attention,” said Curve General Manager Rob Egan. “However, there shall be no geographical boundaries to discover our ‘out-STANDING fan and all are welcome to participate. May the last fan standing enjoy their
reward all season.”

Should Hill claim victory, he will donate his tickets to a local fan who finishes closest to him.  Hill, though, claims he can be defeated.  However, it will be up to one loyal Curve fan to prove their loyalty on what is now a
national stage.  After the contest, Hill will document his experience in Altoona, which will be featured nationally in an article on Minor League Baseball’s website, MILB.com.

 “I’m looking forward to trying my hand at this,” said Hill.  “The Curve are always one of the best teams in minor league baseball in providing their fans with new, innovative promotions and this is just another example.  I welcome any and all challenges from any Curve fans.”

You hear that, Altoona? I welcome any and all challenges! This is because I have complete faith in my ability to stand in one place for a long time while touching a life-size bobblehead. In fact, I’m in training for this event right now. I typed this blog post while standing up, using my left hand only. My right hand is resting on a life-size reproduction of Billy Ripken’s 1989 Fleer baseball card (the censored version, as this is a family blog).

–Hopefully, this trip will to Altoona is just the beginning. So, please, feel free to get in touch with suggestions of other worthwhile Minor League trips I should embark upon (as well as tips for how to travel within my budget, which is currently in the proximity of $0).

Upward and onward!


Got to love the minor league parks! I will send along anything I see!


Good luck Ben!

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