The Return of the Triple-B

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for canadians-logo.jpgLongtime readers of this blog may have noticed that Vancouver Canadians mascot Bob Brown Bear is featured on a regular basis. The reason behind this is not rocket science, as rocket science is a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with any aspect of Minor League Baseball.

The reason that Bob Brown Bear is often featured is because a proactive individual within the Canadians front office makes a point to send me photos on a regular basis (this individual’s name may or may not rhyme with “Standroo Greepore”).

And I love recieving photos, because they save me from myself. As opposed to blathering endlessly about who-knows-what, I can simply utilize visual imagery instead. So, without further ado — In order to promote “Anti-Bullying Day” Bob Brown Bear put on a pink shirt, visited local schools, and spread his message of peace and love. Here he is, along with a gaggle of delighted young students:

Anti-Bullying day @ Brock Elementary 042.jpgAnd here’s a glimpse of the resulting media coverage. It is impressive that Bob Brown Bear the anti-bully was considered to be a bigger news story than a man receiving the keys to Bob Marley’s house. At least where I grew up, Bob Marley housekey coverage ALWAYS dominated the local headlines.

Feb 25 24Hrs Bearing down on bullies full page.jpg

Thank you for (what I assume is) your continued readership, and good night.

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I love the Bear! And he deserved the better coverage in the newspaper!


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