Knuckle Sandwich

gbraves.jpgWhile perusing through press releases (as I am wont to do), I came across a missive issued by the Gwinnett Braves. This fledgling International League franchise was touting the fun to be had during its current Opening Week homestand.

Amidst a litany of fairly standard promotions that were due to take place, this press release included the following mouth-watering paragraph:

Fans can start the week off
right with the “Knucksie,” a pulled pork open-faced sandwich on a slice
of cornbread, topped with cole slaw and barbecue sauce and scallions,
that is featured at Niekro’s Sports Bar.

The “Knucksie”, named after famed knuckleballer Phil Neikro, sounded like one really good sandwich. Feeling the need for visual evidence of such a fine item, I emailed G-Braves community and public affairs manager Courtney Lawson. She was kind enough to send back the following picture:

Knucksie 2.JPG

All I can say is that I could really go for a Knucksie about now. If you have been lucky enough to try one then please send a report to


Why do I always get hungry when I read your blog? lol!


actually – I would be….


Looks like quite the delicacy compared to other food items typically featured on BBB.

But how do you eat it? Seroiusly. You’re at a ballpark. You’re sitting with this thing in your lap with people crowded around you. How do you eat this without a knife and fork? You don’t.

Same goes for that mondo burger and mondo hot dog from a while back. You seriously can not eat those at a ballpark. What the heck?

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