Going All Out At the Halfway Mark, a Photographic Essay

sbsh.gifAs I’ve remarked many times before, one of the great things about Minor League promotions is that teams can stage just about anything at anytime. The flimsiest of explanations can be used to justify just about anything, and no one bats an eye (insert inflammatory political comment here). 

Case in point — the South Bend Silver Hawks’ recent “1/2 Way to Halloween” promotion, in which fans and staff alike belatedly (prematurely?) celebrated that most beloved of pagan rituals. Where else but the Minor Leagues would this kind of stuff par for the course?

And now, without further ado…pictures!

Here’s a shot of the front office staff, in slightly different attire than usual (thanks to Mall Cop Jeff Scholfield for sending these pics along).

half halloween staff.JPG

During the game, the costumed fans got to strut their stuff on the field:

half halloween on field.JPG

Soon, it became time to meet the finalists:

half halloween winners.JPG 

Which led to the naming of the runners-up — easily the most attractive head-wielding zombie I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot in my day:

half halloween zombie football.JPG

But no one could compete with this dude, the grand champion of the Silver Hawks’ inaugural Halfway to Halloween extravaganza (he should ask that country starlet for a date.They’d make a great match):

half halloween winner.JPG

Normally, I’d spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to come up with a joke, so that the post could end on a high note. But today, there just isn’t the time.

If you want jokes, read this.

Thanks, and goodnight.



Good luck at the dentist! Loved the pictures.


Haha great pics Ben. I really liked the zombie costume, although I am also kinda glad that you got the country cowgirl in there too. I’ve only ever really done fancy dress once, but that was Sponge Bob Square Pants and my friends were the Village People, so it obviously doesn’t count.

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