Spam Artisans Return To Reading

In keeping with this week’s theme of getting right to the point, I now respectfully submit two photos from yesterday’s second annual Spam Carving Competition in Reading. Here, some of the more esteemed competitors stand in front of their creations:

Reading -- Spam Carve 2009 1.JPG 

So, from left to right, we have some sort of ramp, a Stonehenge-looking thing, several asymmetrical lumps, a demon dog, and a Phillies “P”. You know what, I’m going to have to zoom in for a closer look:

Demon Dog!

Reading -- Spam -- Demon Dog!.JPG 

Phillies “P”!

Reading -- Spam -- Phillies.JPG

The Rest!

Reading -- Spam -- The Rest.JPG

Actually, it was one of the the above entries that was declared winner. Over there, on the far right, is Mr. Jose Alicea’s sculpture of a living room.

Mr. Jose Alicea received an award for his creation:

Reading -- Spam Carve 2 (shot by Ralph Trout).JPG

(all photos: Rob Trout)

And now, because additional information is always appreciated, I present to you a sizable portion of Reading’s press release:

sculpture was a living room.

works for Liberty Thrift Home Furnishing in Pottstown
and Collegeville and his work was his inspiration. 

House is a multi-service organization that improves the quality of life for
children, families and adults who face various obstacles to independence, and
supports their efforts to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and well-being.

So, there you go. Spam was carved, money was raised, and everyone went home happy. Well, almost everyone.


Demon Dog didn’t win? It was rigged!


I think the “sort of ramp” is supposed to represent a spatula, which is what the giveaway was that night. BTW, I wanted to go to this game, but the husband got stuck in traffic and home too late that day. I have horrible luck when I decide I want to go to certain games!
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