Playing Catch-Up On the Road, Vol. 4

verm.jpgGreetings today from beautiful Hinesburg, VT. Last night I was fortunate enough to see blues legend Buddy Guy in Burlington, and tonight I’m checking out a Vermont Lake Monsters game.

Next week I’ll be back in the comforting embrace of NYC, and I’ve got plenty of stuff planned for the blog: pictures and video from Lowell and Vermont (as well as belated reports from previous road trips), a new mailbag, and more.

Always more.

But for now, let me cap off this week of complete randomness by providing a picture of the seat cushion that the Lake County Captains gave away earlier this month. It is an example of perfect synergy between product and sponsor:

lake county seat cushion.jpg
And now, let us segue into the weekend. If you have info on other examples of symbiotic giveaway/sponsor relationships then please let me know. 


“Sensitive Care for a sensitive condition” – that is too funny! LOL!!


I guess if they’re going to give away something as cheap as a seat cushion, they did a good job of spicing it up. Also, isn’t Buddy Guy the best?!? You’d never know he was 72 by his shows. Saw him in 2006 at Bonnaroo and he brought a wireless guitar out into the crowd and did like 3 songs while talking to the ladies. THAT is a performer.

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