Love In the Land of Pigs

lviplogo.JPGThe Lehigh Valley IronPigs held their second annual “Ballpark Wedding” last night, making one thing abundantly clear: when it comes to Minor League nuptials, there’s no team that does it better.

(Note to other teams: do it better!).

In case you need a little background, here’s the write-up of the event that appeared in this week’s “Promotion Preview” column:

One lucky couple — Kelly Johnson and Matthew Stoudt — have been
selected to receive an all-expenses-paid wedding within the festive
confines of Coca-Cola Park. The team’s players will wear special tuxedo
theme jerseys, and the couple’s reception will be incorporated into the
in-game entertainment. Thus a robust crowd of nearly 10,000 fans will
witness the couple cutting cake, hamming it up on the “Kiss Cam,”
throwing garter-wrapped soft-toss balls into the stands and enjoying
their first dance.

But it’s one thing to catch the attention of a sycophantic Minor League yes-man such as myself. It’s quite another to end up with your promotion on SportsCenter’s Top 10. And that is precisely what occurred. Click Here, and pay special attention to #9.

As is there wont, the anchormen waxed snarky. The direct quote: “I don’t think you want to get married at the IronPigs game.”

I understand that ironic detachment (or would that be arch insincerity?) is the default setting for 21st-century media types, but I think the question should instead be posed thusly: “Why wouldn’t you want to get married at the IronPigs game?”

I mean, check this out:

Lehigh Valley -- Wedding from Home Plate.JPG
But that’s not the only photo I possess. In fact, thanks to IronPigs director of community relations Sarah Marten, I have a virtual mountain of them. To Have and Behold:

Lehigh Valley -- Wedding Service.JPG 

Lehigh Valley -- Tux on Mound.JPG

Lehigh Valley -- Tux Dugout.JPG
Lehigh Valley -- Tux Grounds Crew in Action.JPG

Lehigh Valley -- Tux on Deck.JPG

Lehigh Valley -- Tux Victory.JPG
Lehigh Valley has always made a point to turn just about every aspect of the ballpark experience into a pig-related pun. I wracked my brain trying to come up with stuff for this post, but “be-trough-al” was the best I could do. It’s been a long week. But needless to say — should I ever get married (again), I would certainly want it to be within the confines of a Minor League Baseball facility. It would be an easy way to send the message to my wife that baseball is as (if not more) important to me than she is.

That’s a joke, ladies. You would also be in competition with pinball and my record collection.  

Anyway…I am running a bit (read: massively) behind when it comes to all the stuff I need to get up on this blog. Just bear with me, okay? It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Too bad I’ve never trained for a long distance race.


I loved the wedding! I think the Sports Center guy was jealous! And just think – the happy couple’s kids-to-be will think they have really cool parents!


Ben – I think you’re being generous to admit that a future wife might be just as important as baseball. I don’t see a problem with that. And, sorry about this, but here’s a grammar/spelling correction. You said “as is there wont, the anchormen. . . ” Of course, you meant “as is their wont . . .”

Very intresting promotion they did there. Something I really like and maybe something we can do a take on. Still, you gotta give it up for the Star Wars night we just had.

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