State College Now Safe From Mascot-Robbing Relievers

Thumbnail image for scspikes.gifWay back on July 9, when the Earth was young and men were men, the State College Spikes held an interesting promotion. I have been meaning to dedicate a blog post to this promotion, but other things kept getting in the way.

But you know what? Nothing is going to get in my way tonight. I am going to do what it takes to make sure I write about the Spikes’ July 9 promotion, because that promotion was this: CSI Night.

Inspired  by the depressingly popular police procedural show, the Spikes’ production team put together a series of shorts that ran on the videoboard throughout the ballgame. Each video provided fans with a clue related to one of the great mysteries of all time: “Who Stole Ike’s Hat?” (Ike is the team’s mascot). Wrote Spikes general manager Jason Dambach:

Any fan who solved the mystery by submitting their answer to our customer service booth won a ticket to a future Spikes game. This turned out to be a promotion that got fans really involved and we got a lot of very positive feedback on it.”

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you, the reader, would like to solve the mystery for yourself. Therefore, I will engage in the heroic task of posting the videos that aired on the videoboard throughout the evening (and yes, you do have the time to watch these).

Here’s the set-up:

What kind of criminal leaves his birth certificate at the crime scene?

Like New Coke and the Fox Network, the suspect was conceived during the height of the Reagan Era:

For reasons I do not understand, I am unable to post the next video. Just click HERE, and then come back to me. I’ll be waiting.

Okay, good. Moving on…

You’d think a media relations manager wouldn’t get flustered so easily.

The Spikes should probably adjust the positioning of their security cameras:

“It looks to be a baseball.”

Thank God for technology:

The criminal is apprehended, after no struggle whatsoever:

Hat’s All, Folks!

While I felt compelled to make a series of snide remarks throughout this post, let me make it clear that I really like this promotion. One, because it was funny. Nearly every video made me laugh, and the bizarre leaps of logic and inexplicable motives only made it funnier. It reminded me a lot of the videos that my friends and I made in high school.

And, two, this promotion is excellent on the conceptual level. It is imminently adaptable, gets the fans involved, and has room for a nearly endless amount of absurd humor. The offseason is almost upon us, meaning that those who work in front offices will have a little more time on their hands. Why not get a jump on the 2010 promotional schedule by writing and recording a ridiculous videoboard “Whodunit”?

And as soon as you do so, send me the link.


Oh, I love CSI. This was awesome.

Enjoyed the high school video, Ben. And yeah, that is a good, if bizarre, promotion.

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