Answer Me This

help.jpgAs I type this, a good portion of those within “the industry” have already bolted from their dank stadium lairs in order to enjoy a little “R and R” with friends and family.

And as I soon as I find out what “R and R” stands for, you, a presumably loyal reader, will be the first to know. But deciphering cryptic, ultimately unknowable abbreviations isn’t my first order of business today. What is, is this:

Help me out, would ya?

Here’s the thing: On December 7, I will be a presenter during the roundtable portion of the Bob Freitas Business Seminar at the Baseball Winter Meetings in Indianapolis.

This relatively high-profile gig comes on the heels of my erratic and unstable star-making performance at the Promo Seminar in New Orleans, and I am eager to solidify my role as Minor League Baseball’s number one information aggregator/disseminator (in a sad example of putting the cart before the horse, my business cards already identify me as such).

In said presentation, I’d like to spend some time highlighting overlooked ideas and innovations from this past season. I have a few ideas as to what I’ll include, of course, but I’d appreciate it if YOU, a denizen of dank stadium lairs, could help me out.

So, do this: Send me an email in which you answer the question “What worked for you this season?”

There is no answer too small, no answer too large. I just want to provide a rapid-fire overviewwriteme.gif of adaptable ideas, be it strategic condiment placement, t-shirt launching techniques, or a revolutionary business model that will irrevocably change civilization as we know it.

My email, in case you missed it the first 216 times I have shared it:

So, please, get in touch. If you are reading this, I’d like to hear from you. It’s as simple as that. If all else fails, I’ll just reach out to the dozen or so teams that I already cover disproportionately. This will fuel the accusations of East Coast bias, bribery, and laziness that exist in my own mind and no where else.

cornyoucopeia.gifMan, I’ve got to get out of here while the gettin’ is still good. I would like to state for the record that writing unrelentingly about the same thing on a year-round basis is detrimental to one’s mental state. But, nonetheless, I am truly thankful to be where I am and doing what I’m doing. 

So with this not-at-all contrived giving of thanks on the eve of Thanksgiving, I bid you adieu.

And as soon as I find out what “adieu” means, you, a presumably loyal reader, will be the first to know.

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