Lancaster's Seemingly Endless Procession of Undulating Figurines

Thumbnail image for lancaster_jethawks_primary_logo_2_3.jpgMost of my writing as of late as been focused on offseason events and initiatives. This is because it is the offseason.

But what I enjoy more than the offseason is “the season”. This is why I was happy to receive an email from Lancaster JetHawks media manager Will Thornhill, filling me in on the club’s admirably ambitious 2010 bobblehead giveaway schedule. 

Now I, in turn, will fill you in, mainly by copying liberally from the aforementioned email. Here goes:

[W]e have a great promotion going on [in 2010]
and I thought other clubs may be open to
KB.JPG doing the same thing, as it has
garnered us a lot of local press coverage.

Next season will mark our 15th in Lancaster and to celebrate we have named next years’ theme “15 Years
of Hangar Heroes”. As one of the many Hero-themed giveaways we plan
on having, we are going to give away 15 different bobble heads throughout the
course of the season, most of which will be voted on by the fans during the
off-season by going to our website. We have announced that our own
“Jim the Beer Man” who has been pouring fresh brews for fans since
game one at the Hangar and “Dancin’ Darryl”, an usher that frequently
gets the crowed charged up by dancing on top of the dugouts, will be
immortalized next season with their own bobble heads and Dan Uggla was the
first to be voted in by the fans just a few weeks ago.  We also plan to
have all three versions of our mascot KB, a booster club member, and other
players to be later voted on.

Now, 2010 isn’t even in existence yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that the JetHawks will be the team to beat when it comes to bobblehead giveaways. One of the reasons I am predicting this is because it will make other teams indignant, resulting in additional emails and, thus, more content for this insatiable, content-devouring blog.

Anyway, more from Thornhill:

We have also adopted a super hero/comic
book theme for all of our direct marketing pieces including postcards and
our ticket guide.  Below is a piece we have been distributing throughout
our community caravan stops.

Lancaster bobble promo.JPG

Now seems a opportune time to note that the JetHawks were responsible for what is quite possibly my favorite bobblehead of all time. In 2007 the club was a Red Sox affiliate, so they decided to simultaneously honor Boston slugger David Ortiz and California’s state flower.

Big Poppy:

Thumbnail image for BIG POPPY.JPG

I’ll close with a reminder that I will be in attendance at the Baseball Winter Meetings next week. If you will be there as well we should shake hands and exchange business cards and maybe even commiserate over complimentary plastic cups of domestic draft. 

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