A Naturals Occurrence

Thumbnail image for naturals.jpg(Now with pictures! AND a happy ending!)

When it comes to on-field, in-game dog defecation at Minor League Ballparks, we are truly living in a golden era.

Last year, a pair of canine mascots relieved themselves on the playing field: Master Yogi Berra in Greensboro and the appropriately-named Deuce in Myrtle Beach. This illustrious duo is now joined in the Minor League dog poop pantheon by Mona, who made a memorable “relief appearance” during Sunday’s Northwest Arkansas Naturals game:

Mona was part of the team’s “Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game” promotion, which showcases an animal in need of a loving home. The team is offering two tickets to May 23’s “Bark in the Park” event at Arvest Ballpark to anyone who steps up and provides one.

Naturals GM Eric Edelstein reports that in addition to copious coverage in the local media, the above video got some play on ESPN’s “First Take” this morning. The pet-friendly GM was also kind enough to send along a series of shots that chronicle Mona’s on-field exploits:

Naturals -- Dog3.JPG

Naturals -- Dog4.JPG

Naturals -- Dog2.JPG 

Naturals -- Dog1.JPG 

And, in an example of a good story getting better, Edelstein wrote in on Monday evening with the following update:

the dog was adopted!  And, she actually drew in two families [to the shelter] today. The family that didn’t get her ended up taking two other shelter dogs. So, three dogs were saved thanks to Mona’s dash across the diamond!

Let this be a lesson to all dogs who find themselves on a Minor League Baseball field: take the time to defecate. Only good things will result.   

And finally, I would like to thank the Naturals’ production staff for using music from the Benny Hill show in the video clip. That’s a perfect example of unintentional synergy right there.



Seems like a very adoptable pet. -.-


And…congrats on your No. 15 ranking on MLBlogs’ list of most-read blogs.

After seeing the pictures, I realize that they’re playing my Missions. Allsome.

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