Cauliflower K.O. Courtesy of King

Thumbnail image for lawler.jpgJerry “The King” Lawler is true wrestling royalty, an icon of the sport who has enjoyed a four decade career in the ring. He has tussled on late-night television, released parodies of popular movie theme songs, and recently ran for mayor of Memphis.

“The King” visited the Reading Phillies on Friday, as part of the team’s “Tribute to Professional Wrestling.” And while there, he did something he has never done before. Acting out the fantasies of picky eaters everywhere, Lawler clothes-lined Cauliflower during the team’s nightly “Veggie Race.”

These pictures, they shall make you feel as if you were there:

A Foolhardy Charge

Reading -- Lawler_4_23_reading1.JPG

Moment of Impact

 Reading -- lawler_4_23_10_reading2.JPG


Reading -- lawler_4_23_10_reading3.JPG

Folks, I think we have an early contender for “Photo of the Year” right here. What sez you?

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Yeah, that’s photo of the year material. Nice.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

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