Lake Elsinore #Winning the Promo Race

Charlie Sheen’s recent turn in the pop culture spotlight made it inevitable that he would soon be the subject of a Minor League promotion.

But who would be the team to pull the trigger on such a satirically rich yet somewhat risky proposition? On Thursday afternoon, the answer to this most pressing of questions finally arrived:


Yes, that’s the Lake Elsinore Storm, the team that previously brought you the Tom Cruise Bobblecouch, Fish Tossing, and Subtle Butt. Now, they’re inviting the highly-quotable sitcom destroyer to “rehab” at the ballpark during an evening-long “Charlie Sheen-co De Mayo” celebration. Not surprisingly, this is all taking place on a “Thirsty Thursday” featuring $1 beer and Coke products (no double entendre intended on that one). Sez the team:

Mr. Sheen, his entourage and “goddesses” are formally invited to attend this night ofsheentwit.jpgbaseball, Charlie and fun. Pregame plans for the Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo Night include a limited edition bobblehead immortalizing the Hollywood icon, a “Wild Thing” glasses giveaway as well as retiring, for the season, his number 99 from his legendary role as closer Ricky Vaughn.

Other promotional elements will include an in-game taco eating contest, a Rehab-style party on the exclusive Tiki Terrace featuring #tigerblood cocktails and a two-for-one Ho Hos special.

“As with any rehab assignment, we’re here to help Charlie embrace that ‘#winning’ feeling,” said Chris Jones, Vice President/General Manager of the Storm. “Also, as a show of support, we welcome all current cast and crew members to the ballpark that night for only two and a half cents.”

I called Jones on Thursday afternoon in order to get more info about the promo. While he did not offer any quotes with a built-in hashtag, he was more than happy to elaborate.

ricky-vaughn-tale.jpg“We didn’t want to force this one, it just came naturally to us,” he said. “We just wanted to have some fun with this, and hopefully Charlie will embrace it since he’s a baseball fan who lives in the area.”

As for the “#tigerblood cocktail”, Jones says that recipes for such a concoction are online and the team will be determining the ingredients shortly. The drink, paired with the two-for-one Ho-Hos special, will no doubt be a #winning combination.

But will Minor League Baseball and Charlie Sheen be a winning combination? Couldn’t this promotion result in a ballpark overrun by aspiring goddesses, egomaniacal actors, and morally reprehensible hangers-on? Jones isn’t concerned.
“No,” he said, laughing. “It’s funny and all in good humor. We’d love if Charlie makes a reference to it.”


That’s Amaizing!

That’s Amaizing!

MiLB teams are the punniest!

Who is RPGillett? Don’t you work for the team?

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