Deliberating Before Dancing

It looks like my upcoming road trip is gonna be a good one, as I’ve gotten some very enthusiastic responses from the teams that I’ll be visiting. “On the Road” coverage will surely dominate this blog (and regularly appear on throughout the upcoming week and into the next.

But before leaving, I need to solicit your opinion. The Fort Wayne TinCaps have asked me to take part in a “Bad Apple Dancer” dancing grounds crew routine, an invitation rarely extended to ballpark interlopers such as myself. I was even given the choice of what song to dance to, and I need your help in making that choice. The candidates:


500 Miles

Party in the USA


As always, your input is important to me. What song would best showcase my prodigious dancing skills? Let me know via blog comment, twitter, or email (deadline: Saturday at 12 ET).

And while in a deliberative mood, check out the latest in the Altoona Curve’s series of television parody videos. It’s “Curve and Order.”

The Curve video was part of their latest “What We’re Watching Wednesday” promo, followed the next day by the latest entry in their mascot stunt series: “The Stuffed Animal Hoop of Death.”

Unfortunately, I am not in possession of footage of this phenomenal feat. In the meantime, may I suggest that you check out my latest “Farm’s Almanac” feature article on It’s on Chris Hatcher, vying to become the first-ever player to appear in the Major Leagues as both a full-time catcher and full-time pitcher.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the road!


Well Ben, Bootylicious looks like an encore of your debut in Hawaii when you were chosen to perform the male version of the Hula on stage, rather admirably I’d say! If you want to stray from the familiar, try Dynamite. And that said, I believe my vote is too late to matter. Can’t wait to see the video! Mom

I forgot to ask you if you think you will be able to visit Ravenna tomorrow. Lake Rockwell Road, off of Infirmary Rd. Ravenna was once the balloon capital of the world. I don’t know if it still holds that title. Maybe it is now known for being your birthplace.

Party in the USA!

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