Stockton Honors Fire Flame Spitters and Pitcher Belly Itchers

The Spinners’ recent run of attention-getting stunts will surely get some “Promotion of the Year” consideration, as flossing world records and Human Home Runs aren’t the kind of thing you see every day.

Another team likely to be in the running at year’s end are the Stockton Ports, who have produced two of the year’s most creative giveaways: the Jeremy Barfield “Rocket Arm” and the Dallas Braden “Bobble Belly.”

The “Rocket Arm” is a literal-minded tribute to the extreme arm strength displayed by Barfield when he patrolled the outfield in Stockton last season. They will be distributed to the first 1000 fans in attendance at Friday’s game.

And just nine days later, the team is honoring Stockton native Dallas Braden with his own “Bobblebelly”.

This item pays tribute to Braden’s triumphant 2010 return to Stockton’s Banner Island Ballpark. The team held an on-field ceremony in honor of his Mother’s Day perfect game, during which Braden took the opportunity to display his area code tattoo.

Photo Credit: George Steckler/Stockton Ports

Needless to say, Dallas approves of his Bobblebelly:

And since we’re on the topic of unique giveaway items, I’ll close with a picture of what the Altoona Curve will be giving away tonight: team-logo tighty-whities!

But be careful — improper handling of a curve will result in skid marks.


Wow, must be the kid in me, but I still giggle when I see underwear…he he…
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Altoona always seems to have such fun promos which of course doesn’t disappoint as far as your pun options. Also laughed with the one you made regarding Bruce’s firetruck’s name, in Promo Preview. Can’t wait to hear more about Purr in the Park!
Loved the silliness of the flossing one too!

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