Programming Note

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding my plans for the next week, as I’ll be out of the country through September 13. More specifically, I’ll be in France.

My grandfather was a navigator on a B-17 in WWII, and shot down over the French countryside. Several members of his crew were killed, and those that weren’t were housed, in secret, by the townspeople. These sacrifices on both sides haven’t been forgotten, and this weekend there is a ceremony in the town of Ully St. Georges honoring my grandfather and his crewmates and their World War II experiences. I’ll be in attendance.

While I’m disappointed to be missing a nice chunk of the playoffs (a Brooklyn-Staten Island-Lehigh Valley-Reading itinerary would have been very doable), this is clearly a once-in-a-lifetime situation and something I’m very much looking forward to.

For those who’ve been falling behind in their Biz Blog reading, now is a good time to get caught up! And, please, email me with everything and anything related to the end of the season, playoffs, and offseason plans. I need to squirrel away as much content as I can for the long, cold offseason ahead.


WOW – have an awesome time in France – what an honor to be able to attend. God Bless.

That’s awesome Ben. Safe travels to you.

What a incredible opportunity. Enjoy your well deserved break!

Bring home some Nazi scalps.

Enjoy as much time with our veterans as you can! My father served several combat tours in Vietnam and about 20 years ago he and his battalion started getting together every couple of years for a reunion. I’ve been to several of these and they provide me with my greatest memories. Please thank your grandfather and the others for their service to our country and to our allies for their heroic efforts.

Enjoy your time abroad, Ben!

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