The Tools of the Trade Show

Mao Zedong was a huge proponent of both consumerism and baseball, so it only makes sense that one passes his picture en route to this year’s Baseball Winter Meetings Trade Show:

It’s a lot to take in, this Trade Show, and at first I was intimidated.

But there’s nothing you can do but dive right in.

My first stop of the day was Booth 1711, occupied by Lynn University Sports Management students. Each season professor Ted Curtis organizes a trip to the Meetings, so that students may look for jobs whilst learning from industry leaders (and, since I was also asked to speak, the occasional idiotic industry anomaly).

Hire learning

After that meeting, I simply tried to make sense of the spectacle that was laid out before me.

That inflatable gator seen above is no anomaly. As always at the Trade Show, there were plenty of of characters lurking about.

Thunder Hands!

Random Guy!

A lion!

The folks over at Rasta Imposta fulfilled a life-long dream of mine — being able to dress up as a beer-chugging Wiffle ball bat.

Later, I played a more subtle game of dress-up. Pretending that I was a Major League catcher, ensuring that I didn’t get my signs crossed up by applying Game Signs to my fingers. No more nail polish for me!

I then got thrown for a curve, upon noticing that Coyote Promotions was using my story as a means to advertise the supremacy of their bobbling product.

Dallas does Dallas

The other Coyote bobbles had no choice but to look on jealously at the exalted Mr. Braden.

I’ll have more from the Trade Show — and the Winter Meetings in general — throughout the week (and who know? Maybe even into next). But I’ll close this current dispatch in the interest of sociability. It’s the Winter Meetings, and there are always more people to talk to.

This picture, of myself and Altoona Curve general manage Rob Egan, is indicative of how I spend 40% of my day.

"Aw, shucks. Thanks for reading!"


Next year if you see someone hiding behind all those jerseys, it’ll be me. Just keep walking. Who is the upside down fence flipping bobble(head?) and what team is he from? That’ll be worth trying to find.

That would be the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Ike Davis bobblehead. Would you really seek out a bobblehead produced by a Mets affiliate?

Only to smash it to bits. I’m afraid the disposable income doesn’t allow for that right now. 😦

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I just added that glove chair to my Christmas list. WANT!!!

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